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Amigas de Wichita

Nowadays we find countless articles on the actual role of women in society, however the highlight on this subject depends on the region, culture and environment. To talk about Latin Women in the United States goes beyond the stereotypes already established and embodied in different media.


If we talk about an Immigrant women, which at a certain time of her life makes a decision that will change her future forever, whether it was her initiative or a family member’s to immigrate to a different country looking for a better future; it was decided for her. Without knowing what was coming, the difficulties of communication because of a different language, culture shock, homesickness, and in many cases depression.


In response to the great challenges which immigrant women are facing in the United States, a Facebook group was created in Wichita Kansas, Named “Amigas de Wichita”. Sara Morales Rodriguez and China Peña started it in 2015. Looking into filling a gap in the Latino community, the response was such; that after a year of its creation it has 1,024 members, who are women living in Wichita Kansas and its suburbs. The group has empowered not only their individual lives but it has given confidence and faith towards a whole community.


This group hasn’t only inspired a weekly talk show in a local radio station in Spanish, but it has also empowered these women to share their skills by organizing different classes and campaigns that help the Latino community to adapt and live a dignified life, helping one another in different needs, coming up with creative fundraisings to support families in various needs such as funeral expenses, medical treatments, while emphasizing the importance of women in the economic area; as many of these women are entrepreneurs who advertise their services or products in the group. The facebook group “Amigas de Wichita” has become a safe and reliable space to promote growth for women in the Latin community. Do not lose sight of this group, as it will continue to grow with new projects that will impact even more the lives of immigrants in Wichita.

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