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Loving Wichita Kansas!

Wichita, KS 2016,

Wichita is the largest city in the State of Kansas, and the 49th largest city in the country; with an estimated population of 389,000 according to data from 2014, this population doubles if we count its metro area. 


In April of 2015, John Longwell was the elected Mayor of this city. Mayor Longwell has been living in the Wichita area for a long time, he attended West High School and Wichita State University. In 2007 he ran for city council and was appointed on District 5. His dedication and hard work lead him to run for Mayor. 


A few months ago, I had the opportunity to meet with him, we both share the love for this city. Mayor Longwell likes to listen closely, he interacts very calmly but when it comes to talk about future plans for the city, his answers come with a spark of passion. He told me he likes Wichita because it’s a suitable choice for raising children –“ I believe we will continue to see our young adults migrating back to Wichita when they make the decision to raise a family because of our good schools, safe neighborhoods and relative low cost of living.”


Since he became a Mayor, he has devoted himself to push different projects that further enhance the quality of life, he shared part of his vision as he states -“ With our new focus on BREG blueprint for regional economic growth we are excited about the eight different clusters of economic sectors that will allow us to diversify our job market. We are seeing new activity in IT, Agriculture, and movement bringing new businesses into our region.” We also discussed the diversity in the city and he told me about a new movement called "Beyond Tolerance" which is expected to promote tolerance (as its name implies) to receive and open our arms to new cultures to become a better city. 


Although he has not been long in this position, we can already see all the positive changes, but what really stands out is his communication with the community and his welcoming to new ideas that will improve Wichitans’ quality of life.

Picture taken from Mayor's facebook page

Mayor Jeff Longwell Reading CRONOS DE WICHITA a former Spanish Newspaper

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