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Loving Wichita Kansas!

Wichita is the largest city in the State of Kansas, and the 49th largest city in the country; with an estimated population of 389,000 according to data from 2014, this population doubles if we count its metro area...

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Amigas de Wichita

Nowadays we find countless articles on the actual role of women in society, however the highlight on this subject depends on the region, culture and environment. To talk about Latin Women in the United States goes beyond the stereotypes already established and embodied in different media...

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Día de muertos

(day of the deaD)

Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is becoming increasingly popular now in the United States.


   We can find many exhibits relating to this important date for Mexicans in different stores; However, this date is frequently confused with Halloween which has been celebrated for many years now.

Autism: An Enigma 

Diego Vasquez is a 14 year old known to be slim and tall. He is recognized by his dark hair and velvet like skin. He seems like any other guy, but after ten seconds observing him you can tell something is different on him. He does not speak, he jumps, fumbles and emits guttural sounds, he can’t use the bathroom by himself. Diego has an innocent expression, he stares like if  he is facing into his own interior. He barely reacts to external stimuli like human’s voice, affection; noise does not alter him at all. His mother says he enjoys music, but that isn’t enough to tear down the imaginary wall that seems to surround him to get to the bottom of his thoughts. 

By María del Rosario Burgues







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